Get prepared for the introduction of an activity-based workplace. Office App will help you manage change when introducing hybrid work, and provide information on how employees use the office. Learn more »

Office App is one of the most advanced and complex platforms in the world to help you effectively manage your office space.

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The perfect tandem tailored to your needs

To provide the best possible service, we decided to match our approach and expertise with tech competencies of the Office App team, who became our strategic PropTech partner.

Thanks to this unique set of knowledge and experience we are well positioned to support you in creating and executing a smart workplace strategy, designed specifically to your needs.

To have a deep understanding of the solution we have first implemented Office App ourselves – in Colliers office in Warsaw. We achieved over 96% engagement rate within 4 works and we use the tool on day-to-day basis throughout the pandemic se far and we plan to use it in the future.


Possibilities are many - 40+ features in modular mode

With Office App you get 40+ features in modular mode that you can turn on and off depending on the needs of your employees. The platform provides a wide range of partnerships and integrations to ensure that the application can be tailored to your company's needs.

Office App main features:

Room booking

search and book a meeting room for an internal or client meeting. Book a room "ad hoc", in advance or recurrently.

Desk booking

before you head to the office, check for available workstations in your office. Reserve a desk for yourself with a few clicks on your phone.

Parking management

check if there are any available parking spaces in your company's parking pool and reserve one for yourself. For a while, for half or for the whole day.


find out if there are any events going on in the building or at your company, what's going on with your work friends, check out Administration announcements at your company. Stay up to date with OfficeApp.

Local services

look for local service providers in and around your building. Order lunch, make an appointment with a beautician, get your car washed, and more.

Issue report

report issues in the office and/or in the building. In a real-time situation, take a picture of the problem with your phone and send the information on.

Virutal reception

Pre-registering a visitor with admin analytics features

Admin platform

manage functionalities, bookings, track office usage data, add or remove users… All this and more you can do in the administration platform.

We will guide you through the process from A to Z.

By working with Colliers you will gain a partner with vast knowledge and experience in technology consulting. We will help you determine the technological needs of your company, assist in the implementation process of OfficeApp in your office or building and educate your employees in the usage of the application. We will manage the whole process for you and you can be sure that through the entire project, we will be by your side taking care of all your needs.

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Maciej Plichta

Manager | New Technology Solutions